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Our home battery system is the ideal solution for solar systems, creating easy to use solar energy systems that are designed for optimal performance. The home battery system prioritises solar energy first, while allowing power to be drawn from the batteries at peak times when use exceeds generation, or for overnight power for the property.

Solar energy has become the most dominant renewable energy for residential and commercial installations, today and for good reason. Low maintenance, unobtrusive and easy to live with, they offer significant long-term cost saving and environmental benefits, its no wonder so many are choosing solar.

As we look at the market today though, we can se Australian energy prices continue to rise, and this perhaps makes it the perfect time to embrace independent energy. This means adopting a solar system with battery storage, and thanks to new technology this is an easy to live with, effective solution. In recent years, driven by the needs of many industries including solar and the electric vehicle business, battery technology has been advancing rapidly., making battery solutions for power both more effective and affordable for residential and commercial applications. In this way, clients can have off-grid power, providing energy independence while also reducing long-term energy costs significantly.

How Does It Work?

To put it simply, a solar plus battery system works by storing the excess energy generated by your solar panels, so that it may be used at times of peak power consumption, at night or in the event of a power outage. Your solar solution will have an integrated smart system to monitor when your energy consumption is in excess, so that your generated energy will then both power your home and charge the battery for later use, utilizing energy that would usually have gone to the grid for a lower cost. As a result, you will now have privately stored solar energy to power your home or business while others will continue to have to pay to borrow theirs from the grid.

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Why Go Solar?

1. Use your solar energy at times that best suit your needs

2. Blackout Proof: A back-up battery system designed to instantly power the home in the case of a power outage

3. Reduce power consumption at peak usage times

4. Potential to make money by selling excess stored energy back to the grid

5. Reduce influence of power price hikes and become more energy independent

6. Reduce energy costs by charging your battery from the grid during off-peak times

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Pearmans Energy is an Australian high-tech company, providing a range of Photovoltaic (PV) services and facilities. Our team covers every aspect of solar power, from research and development, manufacturing, sales to installation of PV energy. Since the establishment of Pearmans Energy, our company has been dedicated to focusing on the improvement of PV installation services and product quality, to enable us to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction for our clients, whatever the project size or scope.

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